*** Please note: Our Venison Products are "not for sale" to the general public. ***
Our Venison Products are processed for our Wild Game customers who have harvested the deer.

All of our smoked specialty meat products are fully cooked and ready to eat. They can be heated, by grilling, frying, cooking or microwaving. We use natural spices in our recipes when preparing the specialty meat items, then smoke them with a natural hickory wood. Most of the recipes we use come directly from Germany, formulated by one of the best German Wurstmachers (read more in the About Us section).

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Venison Burger

BurgerAvailable in 1-1/2 lb. tubes and frozen. This product is raw. We give our customers the option of receiving their burger straight (100% ground venison), or with 10% pork or beef added. The majority of our customers prefer pork ... the pork gives the venison burger a nice flavor and moistens the meat, since venison is a very lean meat. Try it in your favorite chili recipe, spaghetti sauce, or meatloaf. It also makes great tacos ... The kids will love them!

*** NEW FOR 2010 *** - Venison Patties will be available as plain, cheddar, or cheddar & jalapeño patties. Available as ¼ pounders, frozen and packaged four patties per bag. Please see our Product Price List for details.

Venison Bologna

Available in a 5 lb. stick and is fully cooked. Our bologna is a favorite for many of our customers. It can be sliced thin for sandwiches, sliced thicker and heated or grilled, or cut into small pieces and used as hors d'oeuvres. It makes a great addition for your holiday gatherings.

*** NEW FOR 2010 *** - Our Venison Bologna will also be offered in rings!

Venison Cheddar Bologna

Available in a 5 lb. stick and is fully cooked. We use the same recipe as our regular bologna, with the addition of a creamy cheddar cheese. The cheddar is an excellent complement to our bologna. This makes a great sandwich and is a great after-school snack, filled with lots of nutrition for the kids.

*** NEW FOR 2010 *** - Our Venison Cheddar Bologna will be offered in rings!

Venison Kielbasa

For all of you garlic lovers ... you will want to try our kielbasa, made in a natural casing. We use fresh garlic and all natural spices in this Old World Favorite. It is fully cooked, but can be heated and added to one of your favorite recipes. It can also be eaten cold. Simply cut into small pieces, add a variety of cheeses, and you have a great snack for guests before dinner. Another favorite is to cook our kielbasa with sauerkraut and serve with home-made mashed potatoes.

Venison Kielbasa Grillers

Available in a 5 lb. vacuum-sealed bag. Our grillers are fully cooked and taste best when grilled or heated. They have the same great flavor as our regular kielbasa. Serve them on a sausage roll, along with sauerkraut and some spicy brown mustard ... A delicious treat to satisfy all! Our customers love the ease of grilling these for a quick lunch or dinner.

Venison Sausage

Available in a 5 lb. vacuum-sealed bag. This is a raw product and given to our customers frozen. We use a natural casing, along with our natural spices. Our country-style sausage is similar to a bratwurst. This can be grilled for a tasty sausage sandwich. It can be cooked in your favorite tomato sauce for a delicious pasta dinner. We have expanded our line of sausage to include Sweet Italian and Hot Italian.

*** NEW FOR 2010 *** - Maple Breakfast Sausage will be available loose or linked. This is a great addition to add to your most important meal of the day ... Breakfast!

Venison Smoked Sausage

Available in a 5 lb. vacuum-sealed bag. This product is fully cooked. We use a natural casing and natural spices. Our smoked sausage tastes best when heated and served. Simply add your favorite type of potato (mashed potatoes go well with our smoked sausage), a vegetable and salad and you have a delicious meal.

Venison Andouille Sausage

A spicy-smoked Cajun-style sausage of French origin, makes a delicious addition to any gumbo, jambalaya or soup. Simply saute or grill a few links for an easy dinner!

*** NEW FOR 2011 ***

Venison Pork Roll

Available in a 5 lb. stick. This is fully cooked and can be eaten cold, fried or grilled. A great addition to breakfast or served heated on a hamburger bun.

Venison Hunter's Log

If you love garlic and black pepper, you will love our Hunter’s Log. Available in a 3 lb. stick. This product is fully cooked and can be eaten cold in sandwiches or warmed. Can be diced in small pieces and used as an hors d'oeuvre also. A great addition to your holiday gatherings.

Venison Jerky

A favorite for many of our customers! This is fully-cooked and ready to eat. A great snack when watching your favorite football team! We blend all natural spices, along with a special recipe for the sauce. We marinade it for 24 hours and then it is hickory smoked for five hours. The end product is delicious!

Venison Hot Sticks

Available in a 5 lb. and 10 lb. vacuum-sealed bag. This is our No. #1 favorite and top seller for our customers. Our hot sticks are fully cooked and like all our other specialty products, we use natural spices only. We add red pepper to our hot sticks, but they are not too "hot". Kids love them in their lunch boxes, but we think their dads love them even more! Be sure to order enough of these, since they don’t last very long in any of our customers' households.

Venison Hot Sticks With Cheddar Cheese

Available in a 5 lb. vacuum-sealed bag. We use the same recipe as our regular hot sticks with the addition of our creamy cheddar cheese. The creamy cheddar cheese definitely complements the red pepper flavor.

Venison Hot Dogs (Plain, Cheddar, or Cheddar & Jalapeño)

Available in a 5 lb. and 10 lb. vacuum-sealed bag (8 hot dogs per pound). These are fully-cooked and ready to eat. The casing on our hot dogs must be peeled off prior to cooking. We use only natural spices when making our hot dogs. These are certainly a favorite with our customers.

Venison Cheddar Kraut Dogs

Made with our original hot dog recipe, with the addition of sauerkraut and cheddar cheese incorporate into the hot dog and stuffed into a natural hog casing. It has a nice snap to it when you bite into it. We use only natural spices in our hot dogs. These are fully-cooked and ready to eat. Packaged in 1 lb. packages (approximately 4-5 hot dogs per lb.).

*** NEW FOR 2011 ***

Venison Pepperoni

Available in a 3 lb. stick. This is fully cooked. A nice blend of spices makes this a great treat. Slice it thin and add it to your favorite pizza recipe or slice it a little thicker for a tasty sandwich.

Venison Dried Beef

Made from a whole boned-out venison hind and returned to our customers in the same form. We marinade the hind in a blend of natural spices and sauce for two days and then hickory smoke it for approximately 7 hours. The key is not to make it too salty. The flavor of our finished dried beef is superb! This can be sliced for sandwiches, sliced and fried (like a ham slice) for breakfast, or can be chipped for creamed chipped beef on toast.

~ Christmas Holiday Gifts ~
For those of you who are interested in giving specialty venison meat items as holiday gifts, we are offering special holiday casings. Please ask us ... we will be happy to show you some of our sample casings imported from Germany.

*** NEW FOR SPRING 2012 ***
We are now also offering Beef & Pork specialty meat products. Orders will be taken via email. Please call for additional information.

We are always trying new products. If you would like to see something added to our specialty items, we are open to your suggestions.

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